The trefoil knot pendant shown in the photo above was produced using a slightly rough process and material, steel, and then plated with gold. For perfectly smooth versions, choose one of the available precious metals, such as brass, silver, gold, or others.

The trefoil knot has been known for thousands of years. Much more recently, in the 20th century, mathematicians classified knots, and it turns out that the trefoil knot is the simplest non-trivial knot, from many points of view.

Over the last couple of years, MO-Labs created many different types of knots, both in a pure version, and in a version intended to be put into soap water. These produce incredibly beautifully curved shapes living only for a few seconds as a thin soap film. These soap film knots will be published in other posts.

To purchase our 3d-printed modern version of this model use the “buy now” link provided below. You will be sent to our online shop at shapeways where you will be able to choose a material, size, and color. Your object will then be 3d-printed just for you and sent to you in really short time where ever you are in the world.