Category: exhibit “Forms and Formulas” (2012-2016, Lisbon)


Exhibition “Forms and Formulas”, some large models and the 45 cubics

This category summarizes all posts which present models that were presented during the exhibition “Forms and Formulas” at Lisbon, Portugal, from 2012-2016.

Caution: Only very few are online until now. We keep adding models almost daily. If you are interested in a particular sculpture, just contact us.

Smoothed Togliatti quintic

A Togliatti quintic surface is a so-called world record surface. Among all quintic surfaces, it has the maximum possible number of singularities, namely 31. Our model is a smoothed version of such a surface.

A smoothed Kummer surface

The photo shows a smoothed Kummer surface in steel (inflated with bronze). This post also features links to plastic versions of this shape. The Kummer surface is a classic from the 19th century; our model is a smoothed version of it.

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