This space curve in a cube without projections (1a) math model is a classic. To view the projections of the space curve (in the center) on a plane, just take a torch (or your cell phone lamp).
Its projections to the sides of the cube are particularily interesting, one is a standard parabola, another one some graph of a polynomial of degree three, and the third one is a curve with a so-called cusp.
In mathematics, the particular curve used for this model, is called rational normal curve, with parametrization $(t,t^2,t^3)$.

The construction of such mathematical models of curves with projection goes back at least to the year 1879 when Christian Wiener created  eight models illustrating mathematical space curves. These had an interesting shape at the origin which projects interestingly onto three coordinate planes.

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We also created a model which is identical apart from the fact that the three mentioned projections are also shown in the model. This and some other posts related to algebraic space curves models are shown below: