The image above is not a photo, but it has been rendered by shapeways. See below our links to purchase it in our online-shop on shapeways.

The gyroid is a modern classic. It is a so-called minimal surface. Our object is an approximation of it in terms of sine and cosine. One of its features is that it is triply periodic.

Often, people visualize a portion of this infinite object, but we think that a round cut is quite attractive as well. Especially when one is not so much interested in the infinite symmetries of the gyroid, but in its aesthetics.

Another version (with fewer “tunnels”) of this object (in white, size 162mm) is on display at

  • the exhibition “3d print studio” in the Cuyperslab at the Cuypershuis, Roermond, Netherlands.

To purchase our 3d-printed modern version of this model use the “buy now” link provided below. You will be sent to our online shop at shapeways where you will be able to choose a size and color. Your object will then be 3d-printed just for you and sent to you in really short time where ever you are in the world.