This quintic with 15 cusps is a so-called world record surface: No other quintic is currently known with more cusps. In fact, it is known that quintics cannot have more than 20 cusps, but it is not known if there are quintic surfaces with more than 15 cusps!

If you want to go for surfaces looking really singular then you will have to choose another production method, e.g. laser-in-glass. See for models of this type.

We currently provide only one size of this model: medium (14.9cm / 5.9in).

To purchase our 3d-printed modern version of this model use the “buy now” link provided below. You will be sent to our online shop at shapeways where you will be able to choose a size and color. Your object will then be 3d-printed just for you and sent to you in really short time where ever you are in the world.

This object was shown in the exhibition at Noordwikerhout, 2017, in the Netherlands.

quintic with 15 cusps at Noordwikerhout, in the Netherlands, by MO-Labs, on