The Moebius Strip pendant shown is not an ordinary Moebius Strip – which is a thin rectangular strip, turned by 180 degrees (i.e. a half turn) on one of the short edges, and then the two short edges glued -, but the the thin edge has been turned by 3*180 degrees (i.e. three half turns).

The Moebius Strip is a mathematical classic, and even for pendants such as this one, it has been used for many decades at least. Our version of the Moebius Strip pendant (3 half turns), however, is special. Its shape is defined by a mathematical formula!

The Moebius Strip is one of the most famous shapes in mathematics, but also famous in real life. Its extraordinary “one-sided” shape stands for “infinity”, “everlasting friendship”, etc. As mentioned above, the Moebius Strip may be realized by taking a long rectangular strip of paper, turn one of the two shorter edges by 180 degrees, and then glue the two shorter edges. In this way, when starting to “walk” at the glueing position on one side of the object, and continuing to walk on that side, one eventually ends up at the same point of the Moebius strip, but on the other side! Without having crossed the boundary of the shape… Thus, the Moebius strip actually only has a single side!!!

The pendant presented here is also a one-sided shape although it does not represent an ordinary Moebius Strip, but our Moebius Strip pendant has the short edge turned by three half turns before the “glueing”.

Our Moebius Strip pendant is available in many ring sizes. If you cannot find the size you are looking for here, feel free to contact us, e.g. via our website

Note that the colors provided by the Shapeways renderings are far from perfect. For some of the materials, we are able to provide real photos so that you may see how they actually look.

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