Note that the image of the symmetric cubic above is a MO-Labs computer rendering and not a photo. 

Cubic surfaces are classics from the 19th century. This particular cubic is smooth and has tetrahedral symmetry. All 27 lines are real, but only 24 are visible in the model because 3 are infinitly far away. The lines are designed very thin, almost invisible, in order not to distract too much from the geometry of the object.

Notice that this cubic surface is not a version of the Clebsch Diagonal Surface although all its 27 straight lines are real. You may see the difference by looking at the intersections of the lines. The diagonal surface has 10 so-called Eckhardt points, i.e. points where 3 of the lines meet in a point. These do not exist in this model. The lines you may see on the model only intersect in pairs, but not three lines in a common point.

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