A Kummer surface is one of the best known quartic surfaces. In  1864, Ernst Eduard Kummer was the first to study them in detail. They have 16 singularities which is the maximum possible number for quartic surfaces.

In order to remove the singularities, we adapted the equation of the Kummer surface to yield a quartic surface which has a tunnel at the place of each of the 16 singularities.

If you are interested in a true Kummer surface (with the singularities) then the best way to go is to use our laser-in-glass Kummer surface which is not a 3d-printed sculpture, but a glass cube with an inner engraving. Contact us if you have any questions.

To purchase our 3d-printed modern version of this model use the “buy now” link provided below. You will be sent to our online shop at shapeways where you will be able to choose a size and color. Your object will then be 3d-printed just for you and sent to you in really short time where ever you are in the world.

Here is the same surface in plastic. Its walls are a little thinner because the production process of the metal piece forces thicker walls.

Available in different sizes.

A museum size version is also available (only in white), starting from 22.5 cm:

This shape was presented at the following events (possibly at different sizes and colors):