This math object visualizes a 1-parameter family of cubic functions or a 3d graph of a function (in two variables) in a 3d-coordinate system.

In school, one usually studies functions in one variable x or functions in one variable with one additional parameter t. But such an additional parameter t may be used as another variable, so that we now have a function in two variables x and t, or x and y, if you prefer. Together with a z-axis which represents the values of this function, we thus get a 3d graph of a cubic function.

This object is on display at

  • the exhibition “3d print studio” in the Cuyperslab at the Cuypershuis, Roermond, Netherlands.

To purchase our 3d-printed modern version of this model use the “buy now” link provided below. You will be sent to our online shop at shapeways where you will be able to choose a size and color. Your object will then be 3d-printed just for you and sent to you in really short time where ever you are in the world.

We have designed a version with and another one without some highlighted cubic curves and lines on the surface. Here is the version without additional curves. The version exhibited at the Cuypershuis is the one with some additional curves.